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JUMP START - Our Introductory Fat On The Move Reshape Pack

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JUMP START  A$155 + postage

Great Starter Pack for beginners who want to try out the amazing Fat On The Move Protocol before upgrading to our  more comprehensive packs. Jump Start includes a 30ml bottle of Reshape Essences, a Guidebook CD outlining the Protocol, and a Daily Workbook to record your progress. Orders are dispatched immediately to your specified shipping address, Australia-wide and international.

What you get

 Reshape Essences

  • 30ml bottle
  • Want to move that fat away from hips, thighs and belly
  • Includes Flower Essences, gently providing emotional support

Guidebook CD

  • Simple weekly menu plans
  • Gives insights into the new you
  • Record charts for your progress


Daily Workbook

  • Straight forward
  • Easy meals
    • Delicious recipes
    • Colour coded

Why would you buy

Do you want to look appealing?

  • Rapid weight loss.
  • Achievable goals.
  • Inexpensive – no gym fees
  • Effective


How do you feel about changing your body shape?

Do you want to be slimmer?

Do you desire new experiences?

Jump Start  $155 + postage ... your Fat On The Move Reshape Starter Pack ... for those who want to try before upgrading.